Become Part of Yugen

  • Attend events and performances - we are always happy to see you!

  • Donate Directly

    • Ask if your employer makes matching gifts – your support could be doubled!

    • Theatre of Yugen can accept gifts of stock. See below for more details

  • Give in-kind

    • Something unique? Donate an object or a gift certificate to our annual Fundraising Auction

  • Be a sponsor

    • Sponsor a program, like our popular “Crazy 4 Words” outreach program, where we bring the power of theatre to students around the Bay Area

    • Sponsor a show with an ad in our program

    • Sponsor our season with operational support to maintain our presence in San Francisco and beyond!

  • Work with us - Help behind the scenes, on stage, or in our office in ever-emerging paid and unpaid opportunities

  • Performance Opportunities - Join our family of performers through training programs and auditions

  • Join the Board - Organizational expertise? Maybe you help on our Board of Directors

  • Introduce us to your circle - Bring one of our performances or workshops to your community

Donate Directly

Theatre of Yugen is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible under the full extend of California and Federal law.

Your donations support:

  • Award-winning theatrical productions that can only be found at Theatre of Yugen

  • Educational programs that introduce K-12 students to theatre traditions from around the world

  • Touring performances that engage with thousands of people at festivals across the globe

Make an In-kind Donation

Theatre of Yugen and NOHspace are in need of some upkeep!  And of course, Theatre of Yugen can always use restocking:

  • General office supplies (pencils, pens, paper, manila folders, clips, envelopes)

  • Reception food, drinks and supplies (wine, sake, soft-drinks, beer, serving platters, napkins, cups)

  • Professional services, especially: IT support, program and postcard printing, video taping/editing

  • Artist Support: Have some extra space for a visiting artist? Extra air miles? Let us know!

Contact Donor Coordinator Roy Eikleberry to arrange an in-kind gift.


Giving Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock can provide greater tax savings than those provided by gifts of cash. Appreciated securities held longer than one year are exempt from capital gains taxes and entitle the donor to a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the securities at the time of transfer. For specific details pertaining to your donation, please consult your tax adviser. 

To make a gift of stock, please provide the following instructions to your broker or financial institution for electronic delivery to Theatre of Yugen. 

Deliver to DTC number: 0188
Account number: 866656542
Account name: Theatre of Yugen

Please contact us at (415) 621-0507 or to notify us of the transfer details so that we can properly credit your gift and provide you with a letter for tax purposes. 

Theatre of Yugen is very grateful for the support of the following individuals and organizations

Individual Donors

Scott and Barbara Barnum
Andrew Bartholomew
Thomas Brudenell
Amy Conger
Odessa Cross
Haruko DeArth
Chris DeMay
Ruth Desmond
Roy Eikleberry
Nina Else
Salem Evans
T.R. Fullhart
Constance A. Latch
Karen Marek
Esperance Ndombe
Tyler Nichols
Rachel Perez
Melissa Ramirez
Tara Richardson
Laila Savelis
Gae Shulman
Adam Snelham
Meghan Snelham
Victoria Turner



Fran Bass
Derek Blechinger
Keith Byron
Scott Call
Gay Duval
Judith V. Earl
Bruce Eimon
Martin R. Falarski
Lauren Helm
Shoko Hikage
Michael Huber
Michiko Inaga
Kathi Ishimaru and Jim Stephens
Sue Lopez and Lluis Valls
James Machado
Ed Mathews
Meryn MacDougall
Sara Matsui-Colby
Lorenzo Nardo
Nobuko Nin
Moni Pande
Edward Schocker
Karen Simons
Cindy Snelham
Martha Stookey
Lolly Watanabe

Bridget Brennan
Steven Ho
Geoff Nin and Jade Sales Lee

Gabrielle Gomez
Dan and Carol Ishimaru
Alex Sinclair
Vaughn R. Walker
Patrick York

Nick Ishimaru and Matthew Snelham
Jock Walker and Yuriko Doi