Season 40:

Announcing Theatre of Yugen’s 40th season, “Memory”


Seen/By Everyone - October 5-21, 2018

Co-Presented with Five on a Match

Written by Matt Cohen, Amir Darvish, Meg MacCary, Enormvs Munoz, and Jen Taher of Five on a Match

Directed by Nick Ishimaru

Featuring: Annika Bergman, Alan Coyne, Adrian Deane, Enormvs Munoz, Paul Rodrigues, JJ Van Name, Stephanie Whigham

Seen / By Everyone is an exploration of death and grieving in the hyper-connected age of social media. The play consists entirely of found text culled from social media. Over two years, thousands of comments and posts pulled from a variety of social media platforms were collaged together. Placed next to each other, they form conversations, and ask us what kind of digital ghosts are we leaving behind?


A Noh Christmas Carol - December 6-30, 2018

Directed by Nick Ishimaru

A Noh Christmas Carol returns!  Yugen’s beloved adaptation utilizes the traditional Japanese theatre forms of noh, kyōgen, kabuki, and the avant garde dance form butoh to retell the Dickens classic.

The story is transposed to early Meiji era Japan, the parallel period to Victorian England.  Ebezo Sukurooji [Ebenezer Scrooge] receives a visit from his deceased business partner Jakube Mashima [Jacob Marley] warning him to change his miserly ways or be doomed to linger forever as a hungry ghost.  The miraculous interventions of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet-To-Come take Sukurooji on a wondrous journey through time and memory to remind him of a life beyond business and profit.

Kyogen in English - February, 2019

Directed by Yuriko Doi and Lluis Valls

Theatre of Yugen will be presenting its signature classical Japanese comedy in English works this spring.  The event features two full plays and several shorter dancing at this entertaining and informative event. The long-standing hallmark of the company’s work, Theatre of Yugen is proud to present the only regular Kyogen in English performances in the world.


Helen - March 28-April 27, 2019

Directed by Shannon R. Davis

A modern adaptation of Euripides’ classic tragic-comedy of Helen of Troy. This epic explores beauty, women, gender, societal expectations, iconography, storytelling, abduction, war, and death.

The gods have replaced Helen with a phantom and whisked the real woman away to an Egyptian hotel room to await her judgement or rescue. After seventeen years of solitude, endless routine, and one serious fly infestation, company arrives. Will their stories save her? Can the woman transcend the icon?


Film series- Miyazaki - Quarterly

In addition, Theatre of Yugen will be presenting a quarterly lecture and film series.  This year’s series will feature the works of legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki!


Yugen in Action - July, 2019

Memory, history, and recollection are the themes of this year’s Yugen in Action showcase.  Theatre of Yugen invites artists from all around the Bay Area to present their original works on two special nights that show off the myriad ways we discover yugen across performing arts disciplines.


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