Our People



Nick Ishimaru - Artistic Director

Nick Ishimaru was trained originally as a musical theatre performer and started exploring Japanese theatre while studying at Colorado State University (BA, 2005), where he directed a kabuki adaptation of MacBeth. He went on to study at San Francisco State University, (MA, 2009). His work explores a combination of Western and traditional Asian performance techniques for original creations, along with work in conventional musical theatre and Shakespeare.

In October 2016, he opened his debut as Theatre of Yugen’s Artistic Director, The Red Demon by Noda Hideki.  Previous directing work includes It Ain’t Me by Claire Rice (original), Land of Infants by Meghan O’Patry (original), and Kaguya (original adaptation).  Other recent production work includes A Minor Cycle by Greg Giovanni (original; actor and fight choreographer), This Lingering Life by Chiori Miyagawa (original; actor), and several traditional kyogen plays with the Theatre of Yugen (actor).

Harrison Headshot.jpg

Harrison Moye - Technical Director

After obtaining his certificate in Technical Theater Craft and Design from Pacific Conservatory Theater (PCPA), Harrison returned to the North Bay to continue his passion in Theatre Arts. Although he has worked in pretty much all roles in the theatre world, his main work is as a lighting designer. Some of his designs include In The Heights (Marin Summer Theater), Heathers, TBA Award Winner for Best Lighting Design (Novato Theater Company), Hand to God (Alterena Playhouse), most recently he was the Technical Director at San Domenico School before taking some time off to travel the world. He is excited to bring his Technical Skills and join the Theater of Yugen team!

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Along with running the Box Office at Theatre of Yugen, Roy sings, dances, and volunteers with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus and handles the Alumni Network at Ray of Light Theatre in his spare time.  He is a graduate of the Master's Voice Program at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has been seen in the following past roles: Stuart Gellman (Caroline, or Change, Ray of Light Theatre), Torasso (Passion, Custom Made), Sam Himmelstein (Wild Party, Ray of Light), Jan the Wretched (Yeast Nation, Ray of Light), and Tiger Brown (Three Penny Opera, Waffle Opera).  


Board of Directors

Matt Snelham, President, Board Member since 2014

Matthew Snelham is Director of engineering at Google, leading the organization responsible for planning, infrastructure investment, budgeting, and product efficiency behind some of Google’s major services, including Search, Maps, and Machine Learning.  Prior to Google, Matthew has worked with companies around the world designing and building leading-edge high performance computing systems, as well as co-founding two companies in the Bay Area.  Matthew hails from San Francisco.


Yuriko Doi, Founder

Japanese-born and trained in the classical theater styles of Noh and Kyogen, Doi brought this heritage to the West in the 1960s, founding Theatre of Yugen in 1978. That troupe has proven to be the major beneficiary of Doi’s directorial resume’ of more than 30 productions. Her foundation in these arts began when she was a graduate student of Waseda University in Tokyo, where she studied with Kyogen master and National Living Treasure of Japan, Mansaku Nomura (Izumi School). She has also been influenced by the Noh practice of her aunt, Yuki Doi (Hosho School), and her studies with Noh principal actor Shiro Nomura (Kanze School). Developing her skills in both forms through continued study with Mansaku Nomura, his disciple Yukio Ishida, and Shiro Nomura, Doi has worked diligently to share these arts with an American audience and students.

The array of productions Doi has directed range from classics and adaptations to original works. She has taken for her inspiration theater throughout time, from around the world, directing plays that run in style and subject matter from Japanese and Greek mythology to 20th-century American, using movements from sources as diverse as flamenco and Native American dance. The classical Japanese plays Doi has directed include the Noh plays: Sotoba Komachi (1987); and the Kyogen plays: The Melon Thief/Uri Nusubito (1978), Sweet Poison/Busu (1980), The Magnificent Beard/Higeyagura (1981), The Sickle and Injured Pride/Uri Nusubito (1981), Three Handicaped Men/Sannin Katawa (1981), Owl Mountain Priest/Fukuro Yamabushi (1983), Parting of the Seasons/Setsubun (1985), Tug of War/Kubibiki (1987), Sumo Wrestling with a Mosquito (1987), The Persimmon Mountain Priest/Kaki Yamabushi (1996), Tied to a Pole/Bo Shibari (2002), Spring Water/Shimizu (2004)


Jock Walker,, Treasurer, Board Member since 1978

Currently retired and building a large wooden sailboat but has served as the President of the Board of the Theatre of Yugen, President of Phacor Inc., a medical device company, President and R&D VP of Menlo Care Inc., a catheter company, and as an R&D manager at Raychem Corp.   Graduated from the University of Michigan with BSE and MSE in Mechanical Engineering.