Kyogen Engagements

Theatre of Yugen has traveled the world for over three decades, bringing a wide variety of productions and programs to audiences from America to Japan to Serbia. Our Kyogen-in-English productions are perfect for festivals and fundraisers.  We also offer lecture-demonstrations, tailored for academic and literary institutions like universities and libraries.



Kyogen offers a wonderfully diverse repertoire of comic and satirical plays.  Theatre of Yugen is one of the only companies in the world that offers these plays in English.  A single play ranges from 15-40 mins.  Performances typically combine two or three plays for a full production.



The members of Theatre of Yugen are well versed in a range of theatrical disciplines.  Our company regularly gives educational lectures that cover the history of Noh and Kyogen and address the challenges of working in an intercultural milieu.  Comparative elements of the lectures also touch on other types of Japanese theatre, including Kabuki and Bunraku, and explore similarities and connections between Eastern and Western theatre.  Events also include demonstrations of Noh and Kyogen songs and dances, costume and mask displays, and hands-on experience learning the basics of Noh and Kyogen movement.

For booking and inquiries, please contact or call (415) 621-0507.