Our Mission:

Theatre of Yugen risks blending multisensory experiences designed and realized for all.


Our Vision:


Theatre of Yugen envisions a world in which people are connected heart to heart, without boundaries, by experiencing the beauty expressed by the Japanese sensibility of “yugen,” derived from the Japanese characters yu, meaning “deep, quiet, or other-worldly,” and gen meaning “subtle, profound, or obscured.” We see a world where physical theatre unifies disparate disciplines to evoke yugen.

Our Values:

We foster intercultural understanding through a shared experience of yugen that can be evoked by a plethora of performance modes.

We continue the evolution of live performance through presentation and collaboration.

We recognize the importance of yugen in the traditions of Noh and Kyogen and engage in rigorous physical training to maintain authentic representation.

We strive to keep theatre accessible for future generations by providing access to unique theatrical traditions and to education about global performing arts.