Helen by Ellen McLaughlin

Directed by Shannon R. Davis

Casting all roles


Non-AEA, paid stipend $1350

A modern adaptation of Euripides’ classic tragic-comedy of Helen of Troy. This epic explores beauty, women, gender, societal expectations, iconography, storytelling, abduction, war, and death.

The gods have replaced Helen with a phantom and whisked the real woman away to an Egyptian hotel room to await her judgement or rescue. After seventeen years of solitude, endless routine, and one serious fly infestation, company arrives. Will their stories save her? Can the woman transcend the icon?


Helen (woman, 30’s-50’s) The face that launched a thousand ships, 17 years past her “prime.”

Servant (woman, any age) Helen’s servant. A storyteller. Wisdom incarnate.

Io (woman, 20’s-30’s) Young refugee. A survivor. Girl, turned cow, turned woman.

Athena (woman, any age) The glib goddess of wisdom and war.

Menelaus (man, 30’s-50’s) Husband to Helen. Haunted veteran.

We are a company of LGBTQ+, POCs, and women that would like to see our identities represented onstage. We celebrate inclusion and representation of marginalized groups in our casting. Actors 18 and older of all genders, races, ethnicities, orientations, and body types are encouraged to apply. Non-“traditional” casting will be considered.


Auditions: Thursday August 30th & Friday the 31st from 6pm-10pm, and Saturday September 1st from 5pm-10pm. Callbacks: Friday September 7th & Saturday the 8th from 5pm-10pm.

Please prepare a contemporary monologue (comedic or dramatic- this piece is both). If you are chosen for an audition slot, we will send you sides to prepare as well. Please email your headshot, resume, and your preferred audition date to:


Rehearsal Dates: Tues-Sat (some Sundays) February 12th-March 28th.

Performances: Theatre of Yugen. Friday-Sun March 29th-April 27th.

NOTE: Performances on Good Friday and Easter.


All auditions, callbacks, rehearsals, and performances will be at:

Theatre of Yugen, 2840 Mariposa St, San Francisco

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