Kyogen Classes

What is kyogen?

Kyogen is a theatre form over 600 years old, passed down through the generations from teacher to student. It is a highly physical, satiric theatre form with subtle humor and lots of song and dance, populated with stock characters and scenarios. It is often compared with commedia dell’arte and modern clowning.

Theatre of Yugen prides itself on training performers in kyogen movement and voice.  We are the only company in the US that offers this kind of training. Our performers regularly go on to become members of our repertoire company, helping us with our educational outreach programs, taking part in developing new plays, and performing at festivals across the world.

Theatre professionals find strong value in learning kyogen and noh, because it uniquely marries thought to movement, unifying mind and body in a way that few other theatre forms can. Kyogen and noh are two of the forms that underpin Suzuki Tadashi’s training methods, and thus contribute directly to Anne Bogart’s development of Viewpoints at the SITI company in New York as well. We are fortunate to count illustrious artists like Brenda Wong Aoki of First Voice and Bay Area designer/director Ellen Brooks among our former company members.

Open Introductory Noh and Kyogen

Intructor: Lluis Valls

Wednesdays 4 pm - 6 pm

March 6 - April 24

thursdays 6 PM - 8 Pm

Ongoing from March 7

This introductory level class covers the foundation principals of noh and kyogen song and dance.  Each lesson begins with vocal warm up, a review of sitting, standing, posture, and walking.  Class then details exercises to increase stability, control, and expressiveness of the body.  Finally, traditional songs and dances are introduced and practiced every week.

This class is taught as an open drop-in, on-going course. Please register below if you plan to attend. All classes $10

Intermediate Kyogen

This class expands on the basics, introducing more complex songs and dances.  This class also doubles as rehearsal time for regular performers with Theatre of Yugen.  Performers will be introduced to new roles, and new plays will be introduced to the company.

A foundation in the basics is required for this course.


Drop-ins and single class participants are also welcome!

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