Kyogen Training

Theatre of Yugen prides itself on training students in kyogen movement and voice.  Our students regularly go on to become performers with the company helping us with our educational outreach programs and taking part in developing new plays.

Basic Kyogen

Instructor: Nick Ishimaru

July 25 - August 26

Tuesdays 6:30 - 9:30 and Saturdays 3:30 - 6:30

$10 per week, or $40 for all five weeks

(Tuesday and Saturday will cover the same material each week)

This introductory level class covers the foundation principals of kyogen song and dance.  Each lesson begins with vocal warm up, a review of sitting, standing, posture, and walking.  Class then details exercises to increase stability, control, and expressiveness of the body.  Finally, traditional songs and dances are introduced and practiced every week.

Intermediate Kyogen

This class expands on the basics, introducing more complex songs and dances.  This class also doubles as rehearsal time for regular performers with Theatre of Yugen.  Performers will be introduced to new roles, and new plays will be introduced to the company.

A foundation in the basics is required for this course.

Train With Us!

Interested in training with us?  Let us know!  We'd love to welcome new members of our diverse community!

Drop-ins and single class participants are also welcome!

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