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Training Programs
2013 Spring Training Session
You are invited to participate in our 11th annual performance-based Training Session this Spring! Artistic Director Jubilith Moore leads this eight week training session in the meticulous body and verbal articulation of the dance and chant of classical Japanese Noh and Kyogen.
Often described as the 'art of performance,' Nohgaku refers to the Japanese theatre forms of Noh and Kyogen. As the longest continuously performed theatre practice in the world, Nohgaku has been kept vibrantly alive as successive generations rigorously work to further cultivate it. Nohgaku's inherent principles are time-tested and unique, coming together to create a highly refined stage aesthetic.

Training is a practice wherein we search for principles and techniques to foster the development of the actor's theatrical intelligence. Participants in our 2013 Spring Training Session will train in the song (utai / kouta) and dance (shimai / komai) of Nohgaku, working with the elements of song, dance, music, mask, space and time, that combine to create a total stage art. They will perform what they have learned in a final recital performance at NOHspace on April 28.

NOHspace | 1-3 sessions/week | Tues 6 - 9pm | Thur & Sat 9 - 12pm

One session a week for $360
Two sessions a week for $590
Three sessions a week for $720

A one-time $25 materials fee.
Participants are required to supply their own tabi (split-toed sock)

For more info & registration, call 415-621-0507 or contact
Mar-05 - 6 pm
Apr-28 - 6 pm

NOHspace March 5 - April 28, 2013 1-3 sessions/week Tuesday 6 - 9pm, Thursday & Saturday 9 - 12pm