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Theatre of Yugen
A Minor Cycle - Five Little Plays in One Starry Night
Unabashedly sentimental, wild, romantic, and funny as childhood, A Minor Cycle: Five Little Plays in One Starry Night features five new one-act plays based on famous tales and forgotten stories of childhood. It is a journey of discovery for the young, and of remembrance for the old.
Written by Philadelphia playwright Greg Giovanni, each play in A Minor Cycle receives the exquisite veneer of traditional Japanese artistry, be it the ritualistic Noh theater, the earthy Kyogen, the flamboyant Kabuki or the delicate Bunraku. Ghosts, dragons, and toy soldiers will dance across the stage employing the undeniable beauty of these four traditional Japanese theatre forms.

Written in an ensemble process in our first collaboration with renowned Philadelphia-based playwright Greg Giovanni, along with musical compositions by Edward Schocker, this theatrical tour de force invites audiences to simultaneously experience the age-old, the eternal and the ever new in a journey to that magical time "when every road led onward."

A Minor Cycle: Five Little Plays in One Starry Night
i. The Gramarye, based on The Chronicles of Narnia
ii. Steadfast Memory, based on The Steadfast Tin Soldier
iii. St. Matthew's Fair, based on She Moved Through the Fair
iv. Lady Jingly Jones, based on The Courtship of the Yonghy-bonghy Bo
v. George, Agnes, and the Dragon, based on the Legend of St. George
With intermezzi of "The Darling Song Cycle," based on Peter Pan

Featuring Sheila Berotti, Lluis Valls, Greg Giovanni, Jubilith Moore, Nick Ishimaru, and Sara Matsui-Colby. Written by Greg Giovanni with Theatre of Yugen; Directed by Jubilith Moore; Set Design by Josh McDermott; Costume Design by Martha Stookey and Jennifer Landau; Lighting Design by Stephen Siegel; Puppet Design and Direction by Sheila Devitt (Steadfast Memory); Masks by Hideta Kitazawa; Musical Composition by Dylan Bolles (Steadfast Memory and Lady Jingly Jones) and James Ferner (St. Matthew's Fair).
"The Darling Song Cycle" lyrics by Greg Giovanni and musical composition by Edward Schocker.
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Price: $10 - $30

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