Community, Unity, and Society


profound community

This year, Yugen in Action focuses on the themes of Community and Society.  We invite Bay Area artists to submit work that asks,

“How can art be used to make a difference in the lives of those around us?”  

Work in any stage of development, from early conception to touring production, is welcome for submission.

And as always, we challenge artists to find yugen, the sublime, in the creation of our communities.  

Submissions  will be accepted starting April 1 2018.

Artists will be notified by May 15 2018.

Presentations held on July 27 and 28, 2018.

Application Deadline Extended!

Submit your application by April 30th
Selections made in May

Read the "YIA Info Packet" to learn more!
Submission Guidelines are detailed below.

Email any questions to:



Submission Guidelines

  1. The cast may include up to 3 performers

  2. Piece must not exceed 20 mins

  3. The work must be able to be staged and adapted for the Yugen stage

  4. Deadline to submit: April 30th 11:59 pm PST (as of 4/15)

Applicant Guidelines

  1. Up to six (6) applicants will be selected, Artists will be notified May 15th, 2018

  2. Applicants must currently live in the Bay Area

  3. Artists will provide any necessary props, set pieces, sound cues, and cast

  4. The Artist must abide by Theatre’s House rules (pg 5)

  5. Artist and cast must be available for the following dates:

    1. Tech: July 24th (anytime between 9am - 8pm)
      Dress/Invited Preview: July 25th (~4pm - 9:30pm)

    2. Show: July 26th - 28th (~4pm - 9:30pm)



Submissions may be at any state in the creative process, they could be:

  1. A completed piece that you want to stage

  2. A rough/incomplete draft

  3. An idea you want to explore and perform, re-enforced by your breadth of work

  4. A work you have staged previously and want to remount

Email all submissions to:

Subject line: “Artist Full Name - YIA Submission 2018”

Email Body: Artist Name, Mailing address, Phone Number, Attachment Summary

Submissions must include the following, as attachments to your application:

  1. Cover Letter 

    1. Save as: “Artist Full Name - Cover Letter”

    2. Detail production vision

    3. Explain how submission relates to YiA theme

    4. Description of your breadth of work

  2. The Yugen in Action Piece

    1. Save as: “YIA Submission - Artist Full Name - Title of Piece”

    2. The piece you look to stage and develop with Yugen in Action

    3. If the piece is still in its early stages please send:

      1. Synopsis of piece

      2. Samples of completed or previously staged works  (see 3.i-iii)

  3. Other Samples of Work

    1. Save attachments as: “Sample - Artist Full Name - Title of Piece”

    2. Submissions may be accompanied with completed works, examples include:

      1. Links to professional website

      2. Portfolio of work

      3. Digital copies of completed work