On July 21st and 22nd, we will be bringing back the Yugen in Action presentations that we began in our 37th season.  Yugen in Action gives local artists a space to present their works to audiences and to inspire one another.  Last year over 20 artists presented work on the themes of alienation and othering.   This year, keeping in line with the Fermentation Lab, the themes are the chemical and the transformative.

4-6 selected artists or groups will each receive two hours of tech and two 20-minute max performance time-slots. Some questions to consider for submission: How do we translate our art into action? What is our place as artists in the American conversation about change and transformation? What will we look like, sound like, become — after we’ve transformed?

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Yugen in Action Presentation Series! 

Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability.


You can review the Invitation & Guidelines by CLICKING HERE, and please don't hesitate to contact Submissions Manager Gina Goldblatt at gina@theatreofyugen.org



YiA Series Presentation will take place at 7pm on July 21st & 22nd, with an Artists Roundtable Discussion at 2pm on July 22nd

Submissions for July Presentation are due APRIL 21st

All pieces must be 15-20 minutes, able to tech in less than 2 hours, and suitable for our sprung wooden floor. Please refer to the Invite & Guidelines for more details.

Name of Person Submitting Piece *
Name of Person Submitting Piece
If performers are as yet unconfirmed, please list the TOTAL NUMBER of performers that will be participating
In addition to a synopsis, please highlight why this piece fits with the Yugen in Action themes of "Change & Transformation"
Please list your tech needs; Lighting, Sound, Video, Etc, keeping in mind the limitations as laid out in the Invitations & Guidelines Document.
Please list any additional information you would like included with your submission. If your piece has a particular connection to "Yugen," explain it here (not required).