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Constructing Community:
Our 39th Season

I am delighted to bring to you Theatre of Yugen's Season 39, Constructing Community. This season, we are producing work that examines how community is created, honored, and preserved.

First, back by decades of popular demand, we're overjoyed to announce that we're reviving A Noh Christmas CarolFirst adapted and directed by Theatre of Yugen founder Yuriko Doi in 1993, this production takes Dickens' beloved story and transports it to late 19th century Japan. The story follows Sukurooji Ebezo through his harrowing night of Christmases Past, Present, and Yet-To-Come. Utilizing kyogen, noh, kabuki and even butoh, we tell a tale that reminds us Christmas is a time for love, family, community, and wonder. A Noh Christmas Carol runs December 1-24, 2017.

Following A Noh Christmas Carolwe offer The Fermentation Lab Symposiumthe culmination of our year-long Fermentation LabThis special, communal presentation features the performance talents of inkBoat, Sharp and Fine, and Theatre of Yugen. We combine these music, dance, and dramatic talents arounda  tasting menu crafted by Aedan Fermented Foods' Chef Eri Shimizu, to bring the transformative process of fermentation to life onstage. The Fermentation Symposium will perform for two nights only, December 30 & 31, 2017.

May Mayhem returs this year with Power Plays. Theatre of Yugen is deeply indebted to the history of civil rights, community, and social justice that the current President and his administration are so flagrantly disregarding. So we're picking up our favorite weapon to fight back: satire. The history of kyogen is that of satirizing those in power, revealing them to be no better (or sometimes even worse!) than the common man. Power Plays features classic and new kyogen adaptations that empower the powerless and lay into those who unwisely hold the reigns of power. May Mayhem: Power Plays runs May 4-13, 2018.

Closing out our season, we present our annual Yugen In Actionthis year on the themes of Community and Society. We invite Bay Area artists to submit work that asks, "How can art be used to make a difference in the lives of those around us?" And as always, we challenge artists to fine yugen, the sublime, in the creation of our communities. Submissions for Yugen in Action will be accepted in April 2018, with presentations on July 27 & 28, 2018.

I hope you'll join us and become part of Theatre of Yugen's community this year!


Nick Ishimaru
Artistic Director