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Randomness of Nothingness by OnenessButoh

Join OnenessButoh for our 2nd Showcase showcase performance featuring new solo and ensemble pieces.  


Three solo pieces will comprise the first half of the showcase:  1) The Bu-Hai Project, danced by Nina Moore (with Keiko Nobusada) to live taiko by Ruth Ichinaga and Kiyono Kishi; 2) The Chair, performed by Ruth Ichinaga; and 3) Cellar and the Straw House, performed by Judith Kajiwara.  The solos bring awareness to our individual and collective struggles of enslavement, grief, loss, fear and, ultimately, forgiveness.  


The second half will feature a new full-length ensemble work entitled Randomness of Nothingness.  This piece alludes to the presence--whether we're aware or not--of artificial intelligence and how we've been manipulated through mind-control in all facets of our lives.  Under the pretext of "freedom" and human evolution, the advancement of technology is being celebrated.  Yet there's a far more disturbing, multi-level agenda that exceeds our wildest imagination.  Visually strung together as a series of dreams, the dances offer a surreal look at how we hide our true selves to fit into the expectations of society.  As life moves more and more toward the absurd, unless we wake up, we'll slowly lose our connection to the essence of who we are and why we're here.  It is the choreographer's intention that Randomness of Nothingness helps us see into and reclaim our Souls.  Functioning as apathetic, unemotional, and robotic seems like everyday reality, as survival of the fittest in a fear-based, hostile world has separated and alienated us not only from ourselves but from each other.  


A post-performance audience dialogue with the performers will be held after the performances.