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F A M I L Y S E A S O N S by Marina Fukushima

Presented in Part by Theatre of Yugen

A multi-disciplinary dance work, FAMILY SEASONS , is a trio performance by Marina Fukushima and her parents exploring on stage the layers between family, work, and changing relationships. The project also looks at the existence of different silences that are unique to family. For example, the silence that exists within deeper relationships between parents and children, and the silence that creates isolation, disconnection, and difficult unsaid areas.

Marina immigrated to the US from Japan in her teens to pursue her career as a dancer in 1992. Recently, her parents Hiroki and Michiko Fukushima immigrated to the US from Japan to continue pursuing their careers as visual artists in a new environment. In 2015, they began collaborating together and showed a short work in progress created during the Deborah Slater Dance Theater’s Studio 210 Summer Residency.

As a multi-disciplinary process, the current work intersects dance movement with the visual elements of Hiroki’s metal sculptural works and Michiko’s drawings for a full-length presentation. Through this work, FAMILY SEASONS,  they look to present their extended collaboration exploring individual journeys, distances, and connections to family.

It will premiere at NOHspace in San Francisco on July 8th(with a run until the 9th ).