Spring Celebration: Alchemy


Theatre of Yugen is pleased to host our celebrated donors and patrons for a night of transformative magic!  Join us for a night of food, drinks, and a silent auction.  The evening will include a kyōgen presentation by the newest students of Theatre of Yugen.

“Alchemy” is grounded in the five Daoist elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal, called “gogyō” (五行) in Japanese, reflecting the accretive and adaptive nature of Japanese culture.  Theatre of Yugen bares the hallmarks of this adaptive process and honors those origins through its work.

We will be presenting our newest artistic collaborators in a performance of The Owl and the Mountain Priest, celebrating Theatre of Yugen’s tradition of synthesizing kyōgen in English.  Further highlighting that synthesis, our artists will be presenting segments of their own work, demonstrating the wide variety of skills Theatre of Yugen enjoys working with.

The menu aligns with the five elemental flavors of sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy, created from a mix of traditional Japanese and contemporary Californian ingredients to create new fusion food.

Finally, the evening caps off with both a silent and a live auction. Items include tickets to other theatres, music from a range of thrilling musicians, and fabulous excursions with glamorous guests!

Given the current political climate, our grant funding from the National Endowment of the Arts and other critical sources is in peril. In order to continue to provide quality performances and educational outreach we are actively reaching out to broaden our donor base-- and hope we can welcome you and your friends into the Yugen family.

We've set a base goal that will help us succeed in this current year, and are setting up some exciting stretch goals that will allow us to provide more programming in 2017 and 2018.

Your financial support provides crucial funds to a small theater with a big mission that often operates on a shoestring budget (our current printer uses chopsticks because there is no paper tray). Thank you for your generosity as we enter our 38th season-- we look forward to seeing you at "Alchemy"!